Repository for the Dresden OpenSource UserGroup website.
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Repository for the Dresden OpenSource UserGroup website.


A website for Dresden OpenSource UserGroup will make the project more discoverable and support the brand. It will also allow us to publish information in a coordinated way.


The Dresden OpenSource UserGroup website is maintained as static web content and provide information about:

  • the project and its motivation
  • events like meetups, webinars or conferences
  • the team
  • contact options

It will also link and spread information about:

  • our social media activities
  • published content like videos and code
  • additional links and documentation

In addition, we would be happy to:

  • show upcoming events
  • allow "one-click" contact options
  • have multi language support
  • have some images and pictures present

Other ToDos are:

  • provide a proper contact mail address
  • build, test and release the container
  • deploy container to and
  • provide tests for developers
  • document all steps needed to develop and test the page


The website is build completely without any backend. Therefore a web server like httpd, nginx or similar would be sufficient to develop, test and deploy the page.


  • TBD


  • TBD

Known Issues

  • TBD


The repository contains a curated, chronological changelog, maintained by the owner for each release/tag.


Thank you so much for considering to contribute! We are happy, when someone is joining the hard work. Please feel free to contribute, after having a look at the Conventions.

See who has contributed already in the KUDOS.txt.


  • TBD


  • TBD


Except where otherwise noted, all work is licensed under a BSD-3-Clause License.


Please feel free to get in touch with the developers and contributors.